Travel Smarter with Travel Insurance

International Coverage for Snowbirds On the Wing

While travel insurance may seem like an extra expense and added hassle, your getaway to the tropics or the high desert is an investment worth protecting. The cost of travel insurance is typically 5%-6% of total trip costs, which is well worth adding to your vacation budget, considering how much time and planning goes into an extended cross-border vacation. 

Travel insurance is key for snowbirds who want peace of mind no matter how many hiccups may occur. Tropical storms and weather delays can be devastating to your destination happy, and adequate travel insurance can help cover losses incurred by inclement weather, natural disasters, and emergency cancellations due to illness, family emergencies, and more. Some travel insurance plans cover flight delays, cancellations, or missed connections. Delayed, lost, or stolen luggage is another mishap that can quickly make that trip to the beach fall flat. Some airlines offer reimbursements for expenses due to lost belongings, but travel insurance can get you back on your (sandal-clad) feet without having to foot the bill for a new wardrobe. 

Medical expenses are another huge consideration for snowbirds shopping for travel insurance. Out-of-country medical care costs can stack up quickly and ruin what was meant to be a relaxing vacation. Maybe you’re snorkeling and get knocked into a coral reef by the tide, or you get seriously ill and need to head to the ER. Without travel insurance, all costs will come directly out of your pocket. If you need to be airlifted from that beautiful little island that was supposed to be a day trip, an emergency medical evacuation will cost anywhere from $15,000-$200,000. Travel insurance can cover all of these expenses, allowing you to jet set with peace of mind while mitigating financial risks. 

Travel insurance plans can be purchased through a number of providers, but snowbirds should compare plans carefully. Coverage purchased through a credit card often includes heavy limitations and restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions. While group insurance can be a good option, these plans only cover medical needs, not other travel emergencies like last-minute cancellations or delays. Individual travel insurance can be purchased and is best used as a supplement to your existing travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance through the snowbirds app

Travel insurance is a must for you and your family, no matter where your flight patterns take you. Your investment in a cross-border getaway deserves high-quality, comprehensive protection that you can count on to take care of the bumps in the road so you can get back to working on your swing or your tan. With the Snowbirds US Day Tracker app, you have access to an exclusive partnership with Manulife, offering you the best travel insurance at an affordable cost. Snowbirds can travel smarter by choosing from a variety of options, ranging from single-trip medical emergency coverage to medical and travel interruptions due to COVID-19 to multi-trip, all-inclusive coverage for Canadians traveling across the border. You can even purchase a top-up plan if your travel dates or coverage needs extend beyond your original plans. Our process makes it easy to find the right type of coverage for your travel needs, submit a claim with the click of a button, and breathe easy. Policyholders have 24/7 access to virtual assistance, including registered nurses and physicians, claims information, and travel tips. You can also get help finding a medical facility nearby, no matter your location. Have a plan before you land, and get back to the beach and peace of mind. Click below to jumpstart your travel plans with a free quote.

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