The Essential Travel App for Canadian Snowbirds

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Have a Plan Before You Land

Migrating south for the winter is supposed to be an enjoyable retreat filled with sandy beaches and lazy days spent perfecting your swing. Instead, Canadian snowbirds can find themselves juggling visas and government websites, stressing out while trying to tally up weighted day counts, and navigating conflicting information from the IRS and Immigration regarding how long they can stay in the US. There’s a lot of information and a mountain of details to get through before you can hop on a plane. 


We’re snowbirds ourselves, so we get it! With the Snowbirds US Day Tracker app, all the information you need in order to travel smarter and have a plan before you land can be found on your device. Our 183-day rule calculator makes tracking your extended visit to the US a cinch, helping you keep in the clear and avoid being taxed as a US citizen. You have digital access to important documents like IRS form 8840 (the Closer Connection Exception) and the Substantial Presence Test. Included with the app, you’ll gain direct access to trusted professionals within the Snowbirds network who can answer your questions about immigration, cross-border legal matters, taxes, international real estate, and financial planning challenges unique to snowbirds. The Snowbirds US Day Tracker app connects you to the benefits provided by our partnerships with a National Foreign Exchange service and travel insurance through Manulife. Additionally, you’ll have access to a wealth of information designed to help streamline your vacation. You can find timely topics and travel tips on the Snowbirds US Expats Radio Podcast, helpful walk-throughs on our YouTube channel, and links to our live webinars, making extended cross-border travel easier than ever.


We’re here to streamline every step of your trip, from planning to flying home, all from the convenience of your device and on the fly. No matter which time zone your adventures take you to, keep us in your pocket when you’re on the wing and see the difference it makes to travel smarter!

Services Included within the App

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We help you track how long you’ve been in the states and how many days you have left to avoid being taxed as a US citizen.

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Our app makes it easy to upload travel dates and itineraries and access past trip information to see a snapshot of the day count per year. Nothing slips through the cracks with us.
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Even a currency exchange through your bank can involve hefty fees. We connect you to a National Foreign Exchange service, minimizing the fees and leaving more in your wallet.
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Travel insurance is a must for you and your family. We have an exclusive partnership that allows us to offer you the best travel insurance at an affordable cost. Ease your worries and travel smarter with us.
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Hey, we’re snowbirds too! Our experience and financial expertise mean you can trust us to help untangle any tax or legal issues you may encounter while traveling. We make it easy with 24/7 access to professionals you can count on.
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If you’re on the hunt for your US home away from home, we can connect you with a real estate agent who specializes in the area you’re looking in.
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The last thing you want to have to add to your packing list is a stack of documents. Skip the hassle by gaining access to our cloud-based database for versatile, mobile data viewing. You can rest easy knowing you haven’t left anything behind.