Snowbirds Team

A Flock of Experts to help you migrate

We’ve got the best of the bunch fueling your cross-border adventures from behind the scenes. Meet the team making it easy for snowbirds like you to travel smarter.

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Gerry Scott

Gerry is an experienced financial advisor with one of Canada’s largest and most respected wealth firms, specializing in cross-border wealth and tax solutions. He also hosts the Snowbirds US Expats Radio Podcast, and is a snowbird, just like you!

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Neil Brar
App Developer

Neil is a senior software developer and partner at the Snowbirds US Day tracker company.

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Toronto Mike
Podcast Producer

TMDS has spent over 15 years producing popular podcasts and vodcasts.

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Kalli Collective
Website & Marketing

Kalli Collective is a digital marketing firm servicing those in and related to the financial industry.