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Snowbirds know better than anyone– when planning a cross-border adventure,  it’s crucial to have a plan before you land. From tracking days spent in the US to managing your travel documents, US tax information, and visa status, you’ve got to tend to the details before you can hit the beach or the green. Searching for a solution? Smart travel starts with the Snowbirds US Day Tracker app.

Meet your new travel buddy

The essential mobile toolkit for Canadians spending time in the States.

The Snowbirds US Day Tracker app helps you track your stay, manage tax documents, apply for travel insurance, and convert your currency, all from the convenience of your device. We can help you have a plan before you land so that the only things on your mind are the memories you’re making

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If you’re in the market for more information, migrate over to our podcast or blog archives! Get timely travel tips and answers to your questions from seasoned snowbirds and cross-border financial professionals alike. We’re covering everything from golf tournaments to passive foreign investment options and keeping you in the know for all things snowbirds.

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Need a wingman (or wingwoman) for your next adventure? With the Snowbirds US Day Tracker app, you have access to a wide network of resources and professionals designed to make your cross-border travel experience almost as easy as kicking off your sandals. 

In each episode, we chat with a financial professional to answer the questions that snowbirds like you have or don’t know to ask in the first place.